SPSA 2016 Wordcloud

The Southern Political Science Association’s 2016 Annual Meeting just finished up in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Since I’ve been meaning to learn the twitteR package for a little bit, I figured that this was a perfect time to do a fun little analysis. You can find the R code I used to generate the images on Github.

I started out by grabbing all the tweets containing the official conference tag (#SPSA2016). This was 259 tweets total. I did a little bit of data munging and then made a wordcloud. You can look at that here:

SPSA tweets wordcloud

As you can see, political scientists were busy talking about a lot of different topics! Panel was the single most used word, which is totally unsurprising. Other topics pop out too - iran policy and regime change, the CCES (which had its own little “mini conference”), and some others.

I thought maybe people would be using similar hashtags, though, to keep track of a specific conversation. I thought that limiting it to just hashtags might prove to be annoying, but this was actually really easy to learn. Here’s the result when I limit it to just hashtags:

SPSA tweets hashtag wordcloud

I quickly learned that political scientists don’t use that many hashtags! Regime change was by far the most used, but only 20 of the 259 tweets in my dataset used it. There were a few other hashtags used - policy, Iran policy, Puerto Rico (no surprise there!), etc. A special shoutout to whoever used #sisterhoodofthetravelinglipstick, though. Well done.